The Saturday Art Club in Abuja is one year old, introduced by the National Gallery of Art in June, 2006. The club meets fortnightly. So far a total number of 50 schools and 300 children have participated in the “Catch them Young” children Art Educational programme.
Speaking at one of the meetings recently, the Director –General of National Gallery of Art, Mr. Joe Musa commended the progress so far made in implementing the programme. He however urged art teachers to continue to improve on the content and method of teaching in order to give the best to the pupils. The Director-General pledged the continued support of the gallery to this and other skill acquisition programme of the Gallery.

In addition to the Saturday Art Club, the Gallery plans to introduce other educational programmes such as the Long Holiday Art Programme, Housewife, Batik Workshop, Film week, etc.

The focus of the Saturday Art Club includes


Encouraging participants to engage in useful activities during their leisure hours by channeling their surplus energies into meaningful pursuits instead of indulging in anti social and unapproved behaviours.


Creating opportunities for participants to engage in programmes tailored to release their creative abilities.


 Encourage children to develop skills capable of equipping them for the future as useful citizens of our society.


 Complement lessons taught in schools and provide opportunity for creative activities for gifted children.


 Provide unique opportunity to bring together children of different background and schools for exchange of ideas in fine art and general knowledge.


Cultivate in the future leaders a permanent link with the gallery.
For now, the Gallery provides participants with drawing and other materials for each meeting. Refreshments are also provided. The club is presently meeting in the Gallery premises but hopes to have a permanent venue in the near future.

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Federal Secretariat Complex
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