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Administration and Staff Development Department:

The Administration and Staff Development Department is charged with the responsibility of:

  • Enlightening the staff on the code of ethics in conducting government business;

  • Record keeping of all staff data and statistics;

  • Responsible for appointments, promotions and upgrading of staff as stipulated in the scheme of service;

  • Responsible for the execution of the Director-General’s directives;

  • Documentation of pension administration;

  • Communication of the decision of the management to both departments and staff as well as other ministries or government establishments;

  • Giving advice to the management on policy matters;

  • Responsible for the execution of guidelines for reward and punishment of staff;

  • Conducting the correspondence of the Gallery;

  • Provides secretariat to the Gallery Governing Board;

  • Provides secretariat to the Management Meetings.

The Department is headed by an Ag. Director, assisted by an Assistant Director and a Chief Admin. Officer all of whom are charged with the responsibility of running the Department as well as general staff welfare.
The Administration Division is in-charge of the implementation of Establishment rules and regulations and Government/Gallery’s policies.  It has the supervisory roles over the following units: Appointment Unit

  • This unit is responsible for short listing and interviewing prospective candidates for employment;

  • Pigeon-holing of available manpower of the organization for maximum output;

Staff Promotion Unit

  • The unit is saddled with the  responsibility of identifying and compiling suitable candidates for promotion;

  • Preparation of the promotion dossier for eligible candidates. The dossier which must include a vita which summarizes biographical, personal and professional data is usually produced and submitted to the head of the division;

  • The unit also is responsible for compilation of eligible candidates for confirmation of appointment;

  • Prepares briefs/recommendations for upgrading and advancement of eligible and qualified staff in general.

Registry and Information Management Unit

  • The unit is responsible for updating records of staff when change arises and reflect in their respective records of service;

  • The unit is in charge of staff data bank;

  • Conveyance of circulars and dissemination of information;

  • Documentation and updating of staff career progression;

  • Liaising with Head of Service for recent Establishment circulars and new government publications;

  • Maintaining adequate filing system;

Stores Unit

  1. This unit is responsible for keeping records of consumable and expendable items or goods;

  2. Custodian of Gallery purchases.

Security Unit

  • The security unit is responsible for the security of assets and other crital infrastructures of the organization;

  • The security unit also ensures security of workplace;

  • The unit liaises between security service provider and management on matters affecting the discharge of their duty;

  • Handles matters bordering on security both at Headquarters and outstation;

  • The unit ensures that both the service provider and management perform its contractual obligation.

The Staff Development Division is in-charge of the processes, programmes and activities through which every staff in the Gallery develops in capacity. The division has the following units under it:

  • Training Unit

  • The unit is responsible for the raising of briefs and making suggestions/recommendations on training related matters;

  • Producing  training plan for all NGA staff;

  • Conveying letters of approval or non-approval for staff study leave, sponsorship, training workshop/seminar etc;

  • Making proposal on relevant courses for staff training;

  • Organizing retreats for its curators/management staff and induction courses for new entrants;

  • Preparing training budget and also producing the cost implication for staff scheduled for training;

  • Liaise with reputable training institutions for management’s consideration;

  • Writing of memos and circulars on training related issues.


Manpower Development Unit

  • The unit is responsible for identifying the workforce, manpower development needs of the organization;

  • Preparation of manpower budget proposal for the fiscal year;

Planning Unit

  • This unit takes charge of all Gallery capital projects both at the Headquarters and the Outstations;

  • The unit is also in-charge of inspection of all Gallery buildings for compliance with Federal Government sanctions.

Disciplinary Unit

  • Investigate all issues of misconduct/gross misconduct and recommend appropriately for sanctions;

  • Ensure strict disciplinary procedures are complied with accordance with Public Service Rules.

Welfare Unit

  • Handling staff general welfare;

  • Conveying congratulatory letters to newly wedded staff and ensuring that their welfare packages are given to them;

  • Conveying condolence messages to bereaved members of staff;

  • Issuance of leave advice;

  • Writing memos/circulars  on leave related issues;

  • Preparing of leave roaster at the beginning of the yearly. 

Technical Unit

  • Periodic servicing of the Gallery ‘s generating set;

  • Replacement of faulty crank shaft sensor;

  • Flushing of radiator;

  • Regular and periodic payment for diesel to NNPC, collection and discharging;

  • Installation of window air conditioners;

  • Periodic payment of bills e.g. water bills;

  • Periodic crediting of PHCN prepaid meter;

  • Daily and weekly repairs and replacement of faulty electrical fittings;

  • Repairs and replacement of faulty doors;

  • Fixing and repairs of leaking conduit water pipe and;

  • Replacement of faulty flexible connectors of wash hand basin and w/c.

Transport Unit

  • Administration/maintenance of all Gallery vehicles;

  • Supervision of drivers;

  • Preparation of vehicle log book;

  • Supervision of transport workshop;

  • Liaising with training unit for driver’s training.


Procurement Division

  • This Division is in-charge of procuring all Gallery consumable and expendable items or goods;

  • It serves as secretariat of Internal Due Process Committee

The Administration Department like every other Department in the Gallery has some programmes they organize, some of which are:

    • The Annual Management/Curators retreat;

    • Induction courses for new entrants to the National Gallery of Art.