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The Curatorial Services Department is a key arm of the N.G.A. It ensures that artworks are photographed, properly documented and stored in the appropriate place, where a work of art is damaged or attacked by any type of insect or infection, the Department sends the work to the conservator for treatment. The department puts up exhibitions from time to time with the help of the exhibition officers, and gives lectures in schools and institutions whenever a request is made and accepted. The Department carries out research and assists those who come to do research in the Gallery. It assists talented Nigerian artists in their exhibitions which serve as a source of encouragement to the artists. The cleanliness and beautification of the N.G.A is also in the care of the Department. The Department is made up of six specialized sections/units, viz: exhibition, art production, extension services, conservation and restoration, business management and Gallery security sections.

Exhibition Display Section:
This section is made up of two main units – Temporary/permanent, Travelling exhibition and show case exhibition, Screen/Frames units.
The Exhibition Section constructs the N.G.A exhibition Galleries, show cases and packaging containers for exhibitions within and outside the country. The artworks on display in the galleries are mounted and labeled by this unit. The unit is also involved in mounting temporary exhibitions in the Gallery to promote Nigerian visual artists. The construction of pedestals for sculptural pieces in permanent and temporary exhibitions is part of its functions. Exhibition of the National Gallery collection and regular promotion of Nigerian modern art and artists are very important responsibilities of this section. In conjunction with the other departments, the section organizes and mounts exhibitions from time to time as required by the management. The Section also packages and evaluate art works for external exhibitions.

Art Production Section:
This caters for the management of the studio in terms of art production in specialized areas – sculpture, textiles, drawings, paintings, graphics and studio management units all of which make up this section. In conjunction with the Research and Publications Department, the section assists students on professional studio attachment to the National Art Studios.

Extension Services Section:
This Section comprises sponsorship and grants, counseling, consultancy and embellishment units. This is the research unit, where expert advice is extended to the public for the effective utilization of modern art from Nigeria. It also evaluates artists for sponsorship and grants, and makes appropriate recommendations to the management.
It can, on request, produce or commission works of art for the Gallery to be kept or presented as gifts to guests. It also takes care of the embellishment of public, private or government buildings.

Conservation and restoration Section:
The restoration of all art works in the custody of the National Gallery of Art is the responsibility of this Section. It handles all restoration of art works, which have over the years deteriorated or been damaged by man, insects or other natural agents of destruction. It is the only section charged with the responsibility of fighting on continuous basis to ensure that the modern art treasures are preserved in good condition in all the National Galleries of Art in the Federation.

Business Management Section:
The Business Management Section of the Curatorial Services Department handles all the sales of the National Gallery’s publications and reproductions. Its duty is to find new markets and outlets for the Gallery products. Though the Gallery is a non – profit organization, since the enabling decree lays emphasis on using its collection to educate the public, the NGA realizes the need to source funds from the Internal Counter Sales unit and the Out – door/Book Fair/Agency unit.

Gallery Security Section:
This section is specifically briefed on Gallery burglary and other aspects of the protection of treasures and works in the permanent exhibition of the National Gallery and during temporary or traveling exhibitions. The section also liaises with the main security section for effective working relationships.